How Julian Stays Motivated to Crush His Goals

This #TransformationTuesday, meet PumpUp member Julian! For the past 3 years, Julian's been sharing his fitness journey with the #TeamPumpUp community! Get to know more about him here:

PumpUp Name: julian_physique22
PumpUp Member Since: 2014
Current Location: Pequannock, New Jersey
Favourite Workout Song: Remember the Name by Fort Minor
Mantra: F2G – Faithful to the Grind. Believe in the process and be faithful in what your hard work can achieve. 

Who are your top 3 favourite people to follow on PumpUp? What do you admire most about them?

@tommys_photos He's a very hardworking and down to earth guy. I've had the pleasure of following and connecting with him from when I started PumpUp. He's motivating and always putting out great content. 

@kristopher_barr I have the pleasure of knowing Kris outside of PumpUp as a colleague and friend of mine from Caldwell University in NJ. He's a go getter, and puts out great content for those wishing to lose weight and get into shape. 

@nlib Another day one here on PumpUp. Her content towards her followers is always positive and up lifting. She's transformed her physique and helped motivate many on her way to achieving her goals. 

What advice would you share with someone who’s looking to keep motivated?

Something I've always been told by my biggest role model in this life, my grandfather, you have to always identify your reason for why you are even starting your journey. Once you understand the reason why you want to attain a goal, hold onto that tight and never let it go. Let it fuel you everyday, not just in the gym but in whatever you want to achieve in this life. 


What’s a new, healthy habit you’re working on?

My biggest habit I've imprinted into my life is making sure I stay hydrated. Im always carrying a gallon of water with my no matter where I go. It's been something that's made a huge difference in my fitness journey. 


What's your favourite way to keep active?

I've always been an active individual. Growing up I've always been involved in sports year round. When I'm not in the gym weight lifting, I'm outside playing some kind of sport. 

What fitness goal are you most proud of?

The thing I am most proud of is stepping on stage as a men's physique athlete and placing 2nd amongst my age group out of 20 competitors. 


What's your favourite thing about PumpUp? How has PumpUp helped you reach your fitness goals?

My favorite thing about PumpUp is the atmosphere itself. It exudes confidence and positivity. It really welcomes new users and gives them the tools to getting in shape and meeting their goals. 


What’s your post-workout fuel? 

My post workout fuel mainly consists of carbohydrates to restore my glycogen stores to help kick start my recovery. I also include some type of protein source to facilitate in the recovery and muscle building process. I usually go with grilled chicken and white rice with some greens for fiber. 

What makes you feel the most confident?

I feel most confident knowing that I've come a long way since I started my journey. In saying that, knowing I can positively impact someone by motivating them or providing some knowledge to assist them on their journeys also gives me confidence and motivation. 


What advice would you give to someone new to the PumpUp community?

Don't be afraid to fail. Adversity, setbacks, and failure can be very frustrating and deter you from your goals, but it can be a humble teacher as well. For some of the greatest success stories the world has ever seen all began with failure as its teacher. 

Thanks Julian! Follow more of Julian's adventures on the app @julian_physique22!