Workouts for the Semi-Broken Body

If you are sick or are in pain, you should wait on working out and let yourself heal. But if it’s something small stopping you from reaching your fitness goals, like allergies, a foot injury, or heaven forbid, a hangover, these tips and tricks are perfect for you, when you feel broken, but aren’t really.

Can’t Go Outside

Allergy season, hurricanes, and blistering heat can throw a wrench into your fitness plan, especially if you are a regular runner. While you could invest in a treadmill, utilizing your off days to use other forms of exercise would definitely help you balance out a few other muscles.

You might be tucked up inside escaping the sun and storms, but do you still feel the allergy puff? A humidifier can help, as can changing your air filter, or cleaning your air ducts. Once you’re a little more hermetically sealed, you can look at high-intensity indoor exercises that don’t require extra equipment.

Just a Little Broken

If you’re just a little broken, and can’t go full-out, consider adjusting your workout or perfecting your plan. Shin splints and fallen arches can be taped up or stayed off of. Foot injuries are a great time to try floor based pilates and work out the rest of your body, or if you’re having issues with a tense back, start working on auxiliary muscles. Swimming is a fantastic exercise to do while taking a break from your regular grind, plus you can eat your pre-workout snack before swimming, since food and swimming being deadly is a myth. Being a little broken leaves you time to try out other workouts.

Really Not Feeling It?

You wake up, stare at your phone, STRONGLY contemplate going to the gym, but there is something deep in your soul that does not want to leave the bed. You flip open your laptop, start watching movies, checking out the laws that dictate your health, looking at Instagram, and really trying to motivate yourself to go to the gym or do anything health related.

Good news! If you’re not feeling like going to the gym or leaving your bed or putting on real pants, you can work out from your bed, while in a reclined position. You don’t even have to turn off the Netflix, start with some ankle rolls, try some leg lifts or bridges to build muscle from your bed. 

If you’re not feeling it, don’t leave your bed. Let your body heal and your legs get real fit.     

Why Do This?

Why would you do this? Your allergies are acting up in the fiery inferno you live, your shoulder feels a little funny, and your bed has a pillowy embrace that could hold you until time ends. Why would you ever avoid a freebie day gifted to you by the universe?

 A varied, consistent workout will help you meet fitness goals. Missing one day is negligible to results, but to maintain a habit, it’s very important. Plus, trying out alternative workouts can help you keep working out a creative and fun endeavor.

If you don’t feel like you can work out today, try to find a new routine that you can do. You may not be able to run around the block or go lifting, but there’s always something to try in order to maintain the habit.

Mary Grace lives in Idaho, where she loves hiking, skiing, and repairing vintage bicycles. Follow her on Twitter @marmygrace, or say hello